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My fiancé, Russell, and I had the honor and opportunity to work with Becca. She took our engagement photos and although we have not previously worked with her, we’ve been extremely happy with how our photos turned out! Becca is easy to work with, passionate in her work and have a very keen eye for perfection. She’ll make you comfortable at all stages of the process and you just trust that she’ll make your photos even more amazing than you’ve hoped for. I love that her photos doesn’t make anyone look anybody else but themselves. True beauty in every photo. If you’re looking for a photographer to capture a special moment in your life, please do not do yourself a disservice-have Becca work her magic on your special life moment! No words will ever be sufficient to express our gratitude for the amazing work she’s done for us. We’re forever grateful to her!
— Chrysia
Rebecca is an unbelievably talented, creative, and artistic photographer. Her skill, bubbly attitude, and joy made the whole experience a pleasure. She guided us though posed shots giving us good direction and suggestions, something that my husband and I needed since we are not naturally comfortable in front of a camera. Her candid shots were equally as beautiful as the posed ones, she is extremely capable at capturing the perfect moment. We received so many compliments on her work. I have worked with other photographers in the past and I have to say that Rebecca is by far the best.
— Shawn & Sherry
Working with Rebecca has been a true joy. I love how excited she gets when she photographs. She really focused on key elements that made our love story so uniquely special.
I’m naturally shy in front of a camera but Rebecca took the time to make me feel so comfortable. She made sure I felt great in my skin which made the experience truly rewarding.


About me  

 I would  describe myself as an old age romantic.  Living in the past where characters like  Mr. Darcy  from Pride & Prejudice and Gilbert Blyth from ANNE of Green Gables  were simply the icons of true romantic charm.  For I believe that true is seen through the touch of a hand,  yearning   gaze into ones eye, and even a  delicate smile.  I stive to capture these sort of moments as I tell your love story.


You have Bewitched me body & Soul, and I love, I love I love you... I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.~ Mr. Darcy 

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