The Artist


My name is Rebecca. I’m the oldest of three incredible sisters. I definitely consider myself the odd frog of the family. I’m the bargain hunting shopaholic, hopeless romantic, Nicholas Sparks fanatic, Pride and Prejudice obsessed, party planning guru, and self-proclaimed paparazzi. My favorite colors are coral and mint blue green; yeah I think I just made that color up, hence my name lol. I adore traveling, and I never leave without the company of my camera.

As a young girl I was very blessed to have parents who instilled in me a love for culture, and diversity and finding beauty in the little things in life. I consider myself to be a very bubbly person. Yep, that's me! I’m the weird one that calls you at 7am super chipper and you look at me like I’ve lost my mind! My favorite afternoons are spent in a tea shop with close friends laughing like there is no tomorrow, talking about absolutely nothing and everything!

I love all things vintage and rustic! I’m forever stuck in the 1920’s and 1950’s where women wore high wasted skirts, fit and flare polka dot dresses. The era where men wore bow ties and suspenders and would open doors for you like a true gentleman! These were the golden ages; where classic elegance was sophisticated and beautiful.

I never found anything more exciting and fulfilling than photography. For as long as I could remember I loved pictures. Taking photos for people in love… what a dream job.  I was inspired to jump the gun two years ago when a good friend of mine saw me using a point and shoot camera and asked me to take her wedding photos. To be honest, she was out of her mind. I knew absolutely nothing about cameras! I just knew you shot and CLICK and BOOM there goes a great photo! After 2 months of saying “No” I decided maybe this was the opportunity I was waiting for. Couldn’t be more thankful to her now.

A wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life.  Whether big or small it deserves to be documented. That is simply my goal.  Elopements and engagements allow me to share in a very private moment with two people who want nothing better in the world than to love and to be loved by each other. Two people who hold true to the gift of marriage and its commitment.

As a photojournalist I work to capture moments as natural as they occur; raw, emotional and intimate.  I hope your photos take you back to the sounds, smells, feelings and emotions that surround your day.

 My style is timeless, clean, natural and elegant.  Qualities that hold true to my own life through the way I dress, express myself, and my belief of love and marriage. Photos are as beautiful as you make it.  Thus, I style each client and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone. When you put on that beautiful wedding dress don’t you want the first memory of it to be the day you were wrapped so tightly in his arms as if it was the last time?

That's what I want to bring to you as your photographer. My wish is for you to relive those moments you cherish through the simplicity of your utterly beautiful day.  I hope through my pages you fall in love with love just as much as I have.