Secret Garden Elopement

It is said that experiences allow you grow. They mold you into the person you aspire to become.  Last year I had the privilege to work with one of my favorite photographers Live View Studios. When asked to join the team my Jaw dropped! How could I possibly say no to the most incredible opportunity of a life time.  

One of the most amazing things Ive  learned during this journey was to believe and to get connected to the authenticity of love. Brent challenged me not only for work harder as a photographer, but to value each shoot I took.  I learned to value the little things that sometimes the eyes tend to miss. I learned to focus my attention on the motions and movement that characterize love.  Not only did I grow but I felt refined. 

My biggest challenge throughout this  process was learning that I could always do better. You see I'm going to get a little vulnerable with you, Brent would always say" that photo was nice "BUT",  why BUT ? Can't you just stop right there and embrace the hard work I just did? No we wanted to not just focus on the beautiful image, But what I could do to improve that image.  What I could do to set myself apart from the normal.  Yes, ladies & gentlemen,  I soon had to learn to accept the BUT was not Because YOUR TERRIBLE. However  How could I Become Uniquely Talented.